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Tysons Institute

Tysons Institute offers an array of programs and specializations with tailored curricula for students as well as professionals who work full time. Our academic advisors work with you to tailor a program that aligns with your educational and career goals. At Tysons Institute, you get an opportunity to gain practical knowledge with hands-on training. Our experienced instructors employ diverse teaching techniques to make sure that students make progress and are able to demonstrate competence. We believe that one right decision made at the right time carves the way to success. Take that step and open the doors to your brighter future. Let us make you see the best in you!


At Tysons Institute, we believe that education is a continuous process of learning. The mission of Tysons Institute is to prepare students with the needed information technology (IT) skills sought by today's society. We emphasize creativity, productivity, and innovation. We ensure that these qualities are incorporated in our program.

In order to meet our mission, the goals of Tysons Institute are as follows:

  • Continue to offer a variety of IT certificate and diploma programs in emerging and high employment demand fields.

  • Provide affordable and flexible education that balances technical, professional, and critical thinking components in effort to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners.

  • Deliver quality part-time and full-time education programs through classes that meet in the morning, afternoon, evening, and weekends while settling for nothing less than the best teachers, all of whom either occupy top level positions in business and government or teach at nearby schools and colleges.

We deliver quality education to those who work or seek to work in the US commercial, institutional, governmental, diplomatic, and international arenas. We provide flexibility in scheduling such as part-time and full-time programs, and classes that meet in the morning, afternoon, evening, and weekends.