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AWS Certification Boot Camp Washington DC

Since the last few years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the hottest topics in the world of Information Technology. Especially after the entry of Amazon Web Services, plenty of organizations (from startups to multinational companies) have moved their infrastructure and applications over to the cloud.

With every passing day, new models and features are added to the cloud, and service providers are severely competing with each other to offer up-to-date services to their clients and help them overcome their everyday issues. Among all the cloud computing service providers, Amazon’s AWS clearly dominates the market because of its features and services.

In 2013, Amazon first introduced the option for AWS certification. Today, Amazon Web Services is the leader in the cloud computing technology and has the most robust offering of the cloud services one can learn, master and get certified in. Here are some reasons as to why you should earn AWS certification in 2020, and they are:

  1. Cloud Technology is the Future: Cloud computing is gradually becoming the first choice of businesses with different sizes and domains. Countless businesses have already moved their applications and infrastructure over to the cloud, and thousands of other businesses are planning to join the revolution. Moreover, the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Machine learning is also backing cloud technology. According to the statistics released by Forbes, 83% of enterprise workloads will be on the cloud by 2021. That is a staggering prediction, and gaining expertise in cloud computing can truly boost your career.

  2. AWS is the Market Leader in Cloud Computing: When it comes to cloud computing, AWS is the market leader with more than 175 fully-featured services from data centers across the world. In an article by Gartner (a research and advisory company), the cloud adoption is on the rise, and AWS is the leading service provider. Learning the core concepts needed to work on the AWS platform will guarantee that you have the skills to work with the most widely used platform in cloud adoption.

  3. An AWS Certification Commands High Paying Jobs: Compared to other Information Technology certification courses, AWS certification dominates the list of highest paying jobs. According to one of the statistics over the web, the AWS Certified Developer – Associate ranks at number 4 on the list of the highest paying certifications. This certification yields certified developers an average salary of $114,148 per year. These numbers make AWS the obvious choice for cloud certification.

AWS Certification Exam

Each AWS certification path is built around a specialist role in engineering and requires a strong foundational understanding of the AWS platform. If you are planning to upgrade your cloud computing skills or want to build your career as an AWS certified professional, then you need to find a reputable AWS certification training institute like Tysons Institute. We are one of the most reputable AWS certification trainings providers in Virginia and Washington DC Area. We are the only training institute to offer in-class training for AWS certifications.

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