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AWS Certification Boot Camp Northern Virginia

After seating at the peak of the eCommerce industry, Amazon is on its way to conquer the world of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. AWS (Amazon Web Services) does not need any introduction now. It has gained immense popularity for offering a wide range of cloud computing services for startups to large scale industries. As it is the fastest-growing cloud technology provided by Amazon, here’s how an AWS Certification can boost your career.

Why an AWS Certification?

If you are planning your career in IT or cloud computing world, then it is highly recommended that you get AWS certified. Becoming an AWS certified professional can help you stand over and above the competition. It will not only get you a job, but it guarantees a high paying job. It is certainly an investment that’s worth making for a bright future.

Advantages of AWS Certification for Your Career

In the age of cloud-computing, earning an AWS certification can provide tons of benefits. Here are some of these major benefits:

  • AWS Certified Professionals are in High Demand

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an undisputed leader in the cloud market with more than 45% of the market share, which is three times more than one of its biggest competitors, Microsoft. Moreover, in terms of revenue, Amazon Web Services dominates the public cloud market with revenue growing at 35% in Q3 of 2019.

The average annual growth of AWS per year is estimated to be approximately 43%, which means AWS will single-handedly dominate the cloud market in the coming years. With such impressive and dominating figures, there’s no denying that certified AWS experts are in high demand.

  • AWS Certified Professionals are Getting Higher Pays

If you hold an AWS Certification and are proficient in designing and managing software solutions on AWS, then you and your skills are in high demand.

As per the Global Knowledge Survey, a drastic rise has been observed in the pays of AWS certified professionals across the globe. Certified professionals reported an average annual salary of USD 113,932, while those without an AWS certification reported USD 90,512 annually on average.

  • AWS Certification Offer Professional Credibility

When you earn an AWS certification, you exemplify professional credibility. As you are now certified, no one will question your capabilities. Additionally, earning an AWS certification shows your commitment to achieving professional development.

  • AWS Certification Shows uniqueness

Earing an AWS certification can make you stand apart from the crowd of ordinary professionals. It can considerably help you in your professional development. An AWS certification helps organizations to filter your resumes when they are looking for candidates with specific qualifies and expertise. An AWS certification can make you appear unique in the IT industry.

For AWS Certifications in Virginia and Washington DC area

If you are looking for an AWS training institute in Virginia and Washington DC area, then contact Tysons Institute today. Tysons Institute has been approved to join the worldwide AWS Academy community.

At Tysons Institute, we are committed to helping students and working professionals to achieve AWS certifications and move ahead in their careers. We provide in-class AWS certification training for various AWS certifications, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Developer – Associate.

If you are planning to give your career a much-needed boost with the help of an AWS certification, then contact us at or give us a call at +1-703-506-1300 (Tysons Corner). We offer AWS Certification boot camp for local as well as international students.

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