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Bad Influence On ChildrenThis is not the same world you grew up in. The 21st century comes with new challenges that we never had to face when we were kids. There are many things that can be a bad influence on children. Life coach Nancy Sungyun offers great advice about parenting in this modern world.

Childhood should be a time of innocence and trust. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out that way. There are a plethora of things that can be a very bad influence on children. Although we’d like to, there’s simply no way a parent can protect their child from every less than beneficial influence in their life. This is actually a good thing. Nobody learns how to manage their troubles without encountering a few problems along the way. By facing difficulty squarely and determining the pragmatic, rather than reactionary, approach that humans evolve. The fact that you are a parent doesn’t mean you’re not still learning, changing and growing. Life coaching expert Nancy Sungyun is dedicated to improving the lives of kids. She teaches skills that give children the inner tools they need to steer away from things that are a bad influence on children. If bullies are a problem in your kid’s life, Nancy can offer good advice about how to deal with such a problem.

A confident child is a secure child. We’re not talking about bratty arrogance, but rather a sense of self worth and acceptance. There is so much more to raising healthy, happy, confident kids than just feeding them and sending them off to school in the morning. Building healthy self esteem in kids is imperative, as well. Get to know life coach Nancy Sungyun on this website, and order her book, Teach Them How To Fish, at Amazon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to receive important updates.