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A rolling admission system is utilized at Tysons Institute so that students may enroll at any time for the following session. Applicants are interviewed by the Director of Education. The interview will include a background questionnaire, admissions application, and a placement test both oral and written.

Assessment of the students’ progress will be based on a variety of testing methods, which are suited to the subject and the material being learned. Tests are frequently updated and tailored for each course.

Admission Requirements

For admission to study at our computer training center and web design institute, all applicants are required to submit a completed application package, as outlined below, with a non-refundable $100 application fee.

Admission Materials 
Application FormProvided by Institute
Application Fee$100
Previous DegreeHigh School Diploma or Equivalent
Official TranscriptAs needed
English ProficiencyInternational students only (strongly recommended)
Financial DocumentsInternational students only
Health insuranceInternational students only (strongly recommended)

Application for Admission and Application Fee:

Applicants must sign the Application for Admission form and will be assessed as an application fee. The full disclosure of the institution’s admission requirements, policies, and procedures, including the basis for admissions, test requirements, advanced standing requirements, and experiential learning assessment requirements. Students are required to complete a standard Enrollment Agreement.


Previous Degree:

The Institute requires all of its admitting students to obtain a high school diploma or General Education Degree (GED) Certificate. To demonstrate evidence of high school graduation or equivalent, students must provide a copy of their high school transcripts, translated if necessary, or equivalent documentation. A student may be admitted by submitting a signed affidavit of earning a high school or equivalent credentials and providing such evidence to the Institute within the end of the student’s starting term or three months thereafter, whichever occurs sooner. The Institute currently does not admit any students under an ability-to-benefit determination.


Evidence of Sufficient English Language Proficiency:

All computer training center applicants whose first language is not English, whether enrolling in residential or online courses, must submit proof of language proficiency to the Institute prior to enrollment. There are several ways to meet the Institute’s English language proficiency requirement. The Institute accepts multiple standardized test scores as proof of English proficiency. The table below shows the tests and scores that will be considered. Any such applicant who has not taken any of the exams listed below must take the CASAS test at Tysons Institute before acceptance to the Institute. All students are required to have high school diploma or equivalent and must be a minimum age of 16.

Name of Standardized TestMinimum Scores Required
SAT IIEnglish 600
IELTSOverall band 6
TOEFL (PBT, CBT, IBT)550, 213, 80

TOEFL is the most widely accepted English language proficiency test for admission to U.S. colleges and universities. Students must submit original TOEFL results or have the results sent directly to institute by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Students who have been studying continuously at a U.S. college or university may submit an older score that was accepted by their last U.S. school.

Instead of the standardized test scores, English language proficiency may also be demonstrated by successful completion of four years of secondary education or higher in which the language of instruction was English or by completion of at least 12 quarter hours with at least a C average at a U.S. postsecondary institution at which the language of instruction was English. For applicants who do not meet the English language proficiency requirement, there are remedial English as a Second Language (ESL) courses available at Tysons Institute. These courses are required for applicants who do not meet the English language proficiency requirement.


Financial Documents:

All international (M-1 visa) applicants must submit a Statement of Financial Support detailing the source(s) of funding for their program of study. Please visit our website ( to download the Institute’s “Statement of Financial Support” Form. International applicants will need to submit the following documentation in addition to the Statement of Financial Support Form:

  1. A recent letter from their bank or their sponsor’s bank providing the following data:
  2. The account holders legal name;
  3. Total amount deposited within the last 3-6 months; and
  4. The current balance.
  5. A statement certifying that their family or other sponsors are going to support them financially during the period of stay in the U.S.

If a student’s sponsor resides in the U.S. and is an American citizen or a green card holder, the sponsor must provide the Institute with an I-134 Form, which can be downloaded from Please bring the original form to the Institute or send it directly to the Admissions Office. If the sponsor lives and works in the U.S., a W-2 form for the previous tax year may be submitted in lieu of a bank statement.

NOTE: For all financial support documents, originals or certified copies are required, and they must not be more than six months old at the time of admittance. A rolling admission system is utilized at Tysons Institute so students may enroll at any time for the following session.

Admission Process

Applicants are interviewed by the Admissions Officer. The interview will include a background questionnaire, admissions application, and an oral and written placement test for the English as a Second Language Program (as needed).

An application will not be considered complete, and thus, will not be reviewed, until all application documents have been received. Once the completed application and fees are received, the application is carefully reviewed. The admissions committee at our computer training center will review all applications for our AWS basics programs, web design institute courses, business development classes, and all other areas of study we offer.

Upon admission, the student will receive a welcome package and acceptance letter.

Deadline: Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and a complete application package must be submitted on time before the beginning of each quarter as indicated in the Academic Calendar. A student accepted will be notified by the director of admissions in writing no later than three weeks before the beginning of the term.